yeni nurhasanah
Hey, my name is yeni nurhasanah and this is my portfolio. I am a teacher, researcher, writer and programmer. I was also able to attend training and be a Trainer for a training related to IT for supporting school education. I was a Bachelor graduate in mathematics education in UPI Bandung and a Master graduate of electrical engineering in Bandung Institute of Technology.

Recent Additions

  • Programming

    AyoMandi Application

    A software capable of integrating support the training of communication in children with autism in an interactive way.

  • Tutor

    Jury of mathematics Competition

    As an Adjudicator of Mathematics Competition in ICAS INVENTION 2010 (Insan Cendekia Alkausar Sukabumi In Evolution Of English And Science Competition) Level Grade 7,8 and 9 All Jakarta, Bogor and Sukabumi Which had been held on April 3rd 2010

  • Tutor

    Tutor at Mathematics Olimpiad

    Mathematics Competition organized by UPI Bandung in 2010. I was a mentors of children to follow the competition

  • Training and Writing


    7 Habits Training, Buzan Mind Map Training, Mathematics Olimpiad Instructur Training

  • Training and Writing

    Trainer at Training for Teacher

    The training was organized by the ministry of primary and secondary education PKLK Program Division aims to improve the skills of teachers at open senior high school in providing tutorial distance learning to the students